He lives in a tiny studio flat, but offers “planty” inspirations. We can’t help introduce Kevin with a pun: cause he’s fun! And a true carer. Both for his “green pets” and the plant community itself.

It all began with a new sunny apartment, a balcony and three Ikea plants. Kevin had moved to Karlsruhe, Germany, to study engineering. He watched the plants grow and enjoyed discovering something new about them every day. He started researching and reading. Three plants quickly turned into a hundred.

Kevin was so in love with his new roommates that he began to think of them as companions: as Kevin’s green pets. The account was born. On his Insta, Kevin showcases his little green oasis, provides helpful advice on how to care for houseplants, and invites us to join him on his botanical journeys.

Many of his plants are rare, and sometimes Kevin goes to great lengths to find the ones he’s interested in. He tracked down of his favorite plants, a Ficus Deltoidea, in Sweden – after a two year hunt!


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Kevin is one of the strong knots in the web of plantfluencers. Together with a few other enthusiasts from around the globe, he started @philomemedron, an account for hilarious plant memes. He also organizes the regular community meetup “Meet‘n Plant”, an IRL event for plantfluencers. Kevin organized an exclusive look behind the scenes of Kew Gardens in London, another took place at the European Flower Hotspot in Den Haag. The next Meet‘n Plant is scheduled for the 18th of May in Paris. Hop on the plant train! And even if you can’t make it to Paris, make sure to check out his accounts.


Images from Kevin's Insta. When his mom first saw his balcony from the street, she thought a grandma lived there. Not quite!