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What we think the plants of the stars need

Even the plants of the rich and famous need to fight for survival. We decided to explore Instagram, scrolling through to find some unbe-leaf-able celebrity plants where we see an urgent need for action. We've picked out our favourite plant Instagram posts from the past year and give the stars expert tips and encourage-mint on how to care for their green roommates. Check out the top 15 celebrity plants that knocked our stalks off:



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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)

Social media pro Kim Kardashian knows how to show off a beige-coloured dress even without make-up: Where better to do it than in front of a lush green palm tree background. With so much light, air, humidity and hotness, your palm trees will definitely become a real home jungle for your next shoot, Kim.

Expert tip: Remember, Archontophoenix cunninghamiana also likes to grow high, so don’t let this fast-growing palm grow out of control. Under optimal conditions it can grow up to 20 metres high. Make sure to find a place where it can develop to its full potential right from the start.



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A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)


American tennis superstar Serena was named world number one by the Women’s Tennis Association on eight occasions between 2002 and 2017. The legend who also won 23 Grand Slam singles titles is looking slamming in this insta-post shaking her hips. You grow, girl!

Expert tip: A strong plant goes with a strong woman – and the Dypsis lutescens is tough and full of power. During its dormant phase between November and March it’ll only need a little water. However, from March the rainy season begins and it’ll need more watering. Temporary dryness at the root base is tolerated but can lead to dry tips.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von JARED LETO (@jaredleto)


American actor and musician Jared Leto is a self-confessed vegan, so we’re not surprised that he surrounds himself with plenty of houseplants. Apparently, nature is thanking him for his thoughtful lifestyle: the monstera is sprouting new, large and visibly healthy leaves.

Expert tip: When you go on holiday, you can put the aerial roots of the monstera in water glasses. That way, your plant is well looked after while you’re away.



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A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)


The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer also announced recently that she’s switched to a plant-based diet. And here, her plant bodyguards are watching over her dutifully while she puts her colourful stilettoed feet up and shows off her classic Posh Spice peace sign. Girl Plant power!!!

Expert tip: Victoria Beckham opts for timeless chic when it comes to her plants too. The Kentia palm, or Howea forsteriana, can live up to 40 years and is very easy to care for. Our tip if you also want to work under these palm trees? Feed it weekly in the summer with liquid fertilizer.



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A post shared by Barack Obama (@barackobama)


Who would have thought a former US president would publish a podcast together with music legend Bruce Springsteen and a Monstera deliciosa? Well, admittedly, the Monstera didn’t have nearly as much to say in the podcast as we would have liked, but in this snapshot it’s our highlight.

Expert tip: Unfortunately, it can’t really show what it’s made of In this location. Choose a spot directly in the sun, with more room to grow, and it’ll steal the show. With more sunlight, the larger and more impressive its leaves become.




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A post shared by James Mcavoy (@jamesmcavoyrealdeal)


What in carnation? James looks like he’s channeling Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace in the 1995 film Braveheart in this pic. But that hasn’t stopped the Ficus behind from trying to upstage the X-Men star. We think if the plant could strike a pose, it’d be similar to James’, because light from above is a houseplants dream!

Expert tip: In this light, the Monstera can grow straight up and only needs climbing support to reach its full size. For extra strength, you can put the aerial roots into a container of water or into the soil so it can absorb nutrients even better.



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A post shared by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@aoc)

With humour, courage and tenacity, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to shake up the balance of power in the Senate. Her positive energy, together with an abundance of light, is obviously also doing her ficus the world of good too.

Expert tip: To avoid dry, brown leaf tips on a Ficus lyrata, make sure it gets the right amount of water. It reacts sensitively to waterlogging but it’s otherwise pretty easy to care for. Give it small amounts of water more often. Take care if it’s placed near a heater, as it can cause dry leaf tips. Try spraying a few drops of low-calcium water on the leaves every few days to solve the problem.



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A post shared by Oprah (@oprah)


If you’re a fan of Oprah’s US talk show, you’ll know she likes to invite her guests to her private guest house. To make sure they don’t feel lonely between interviews, they have the company of a grandiose ficus. This was also the case for British superstar Adele, who was interviewed by Oprah for the release of her new album.

Expert tip: Check out the healthy aerial roots on Oprah’s ficus, they are blooming beautiful! But beware, these plants take root quickly, so make sure it’s stable. If your ficus is a bit wobbly on its feet, try this method of guiding it along its trunk to the roots too. Allergy sufferers beware: Ficus sap contains latex and can be irritating to the skin. It also leaves unsightly stains on clothes and carpets.